World cultural heritage and breakthrough technologies came together in a brilliant Fabergé OptoClones™ collection, a joint project between the Hellenic Institute of Holography (Greece), ITMO University (Russia) and the Fabergé Museum (Russia). The collection featured thirteen ultra-real holographic images, or OptoClones, of the original imperial Easter eggs created by Carl Gustav Faberge firm for the Russian royal family. The Fabergé OptoClones™ were presented at the “Magic of Light” Exhibition in St. Petersburg in 2015.

This method of creating holographic images was invented by a famous Soviet physicist, Professor Yury N. Denisyuk, ITMO University graduate. OptoClones are full-colour Denisyuk-style reflection holograms on BB-Panchromatic glass plate (under exclusive license from Colour Holographic), recorded in-situ, size 30x40cm portrait, illuminated from above. Now such holograms are widely used in architecture, medicine, education and visual arts.

With the success of these stunning holograms, virtually identical to the real objects, the development of OptoClones® has become an essential part of the “Art & Science” international collaboration.