Launched in 2015, Lighting Design School is an international project aimed at creating a research, educational and practical platform for students and professionals engaged in the field of lighting design.

Social Value

To attract the attention of the city authorities, residents, academic and professional community to the current issues of quality and safe use of light in urban, domestic and social spaces in the context of the interaction between scientific, artistic and technical components of lighting design.

To promote scientific and practical achievements in lighting design development.

To create social demand for high quality professional work and ensure constant development of practical, scientific and educational areas of lighting design in the long term.


St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise “Lensvet”.

Project Description

ITMO University Creative Light Design School is a working and creative laboratory. Here new ideas are generated and unconventional methods are applied to improve the quality of lighting and the social environment. Creative thinking helps the fusion of various fields of knowledge – optical and technical sciences, art, architecture, urbanism and design, in order to train professionals with a wider spectrum of knowledge and experience who can apply a holistic approach to the creation and implementation of new projects.


  • Preparation and organization of “LumiFest,” a festival of light culture.
  • Preparation and organization of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Lighting Design – 2015”, with participation of leading foreign experts in the field of lighting design.
  • Project for lighting up the city, and increasing the quality of the lighting environment.
  • Creating festive lighting solutions for the city and the university.
  • Development and promotion of the international project – Lux Aeterna Laser Theater.

Future Projects

  • Establishment of an international scientific and educational platform
  • Street lighting projects
  • Participation in international festivals and artistic events
  • Attracting foreign universities to participate in joint research projects.