Video360production together with WLV engineers developed a unique camera that shoots 360-degree videos for virtual reality devices.

Social Idea

People in any location in the world can virtually “attend” a concert and enjoy an immersive experience thanks to virtual reality in Oculus Rift glasses, Samsung Gear VR and many other gadgets.


Center for Multimedia and Design, international tech cluster “Information, Communication and Optical Technologies in Culture and Art.”


The project has been running since the beginning of 2015.

The follow events were filmed and edited using the 360 video camera

  • Concerts: Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra, Piknik rock band, “Nogu Svelo!” Rock Band, "NewLux" Jazz band and others.
  • Museums: Kunstkamera, ITMO main foyer
  • Theaters: Mariinsky Theater, Alexandrinsky Theater, “Moscow House” in Riga
  • Sightseeing tours: St. Petersburg (“Rivers and canals”, “Nevsky prospect”), Riga (“Old Riga”), Prague, Solovetsky Islands
  • Military equipment: Russian Defence Export
  • Kubana Festival


  • Small Innovative Enterprise also known as “video-360” for the creation of virtual reality glasses came about at ITMO University about six months ago at the Design and Multimedia Center. Now the company has representatives in Brussels and Riga and a portfolio of over 50 films.
  • ITMO University’s Department of Technological Management and Innovation’s Design and Multimedia Center’s lead engineer, Denis Stolyarova, received the “Challenge Cup – Best Innovative region in Russia” award.
  • In June 2015, the team participated in the 360° Virtual Reality Panoramic Photography and 360° Video Conference, organized by The International Virtual Reality Photography Association (IVRPA) in Prague, Czech Republic.


“Using the 360 video we recorded one of our concerts and rehearsals, the material is stunning! Now I can see not only how we play but how the audience reacts! I also really liked the sound. I’m particularly pleased that this technology is being developed in Russia.”

- Kirill Bubyakin, director of the «Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra»

“Multimedia technology helped to demonstrate how new technologies can be applied to event planning, creating a positive atmosphere and giving a celebratory spirit to all the guests!”

- Sergey Knyazev, General Producer of “Knyazev and Partners”.

Future Projects

Currently, the team is working on a special virtual reality headset with the ITMO brand, called “ITMO Glasses.” We’re trying to find a way to create an interactive 360 video in which you can move along different paths within the video, viewing 360 degrees not only from one position but from many.