Interactive Internet Theater employs IT and multimedia to transform physical performances into interactive virtual experiences. It entails online performance streaming, online audience participation, and archiving of performances for future viewing.

Social Value

To provide a new dimension to performance art and inspire a new type of physical and virtual performances with viewers as active participants.


Russian State Academic Drama Theater Named After A. Pushkin (Aleksandrinsky Theater)

Project Description

The New Aleksandrinsky Theater Stage that opened in 2013 provided an opportunity to create a new kind performance space thanks to the latest technologies. The first step was to design and create a system that would be capable of streaming feeds from multiple cameras and merge them into an online stream in real time.

The project utilized HP Proliant G6 server, 18 AXIS Q-6035 cameras, one AXIS P-3346 (FishEye) camera, an iMac/Macbook Pro station, and 9 cameraman HP (Windows) stations. Proprietary software was developed using Wowza Media Server 3, Apatche web server and Microsoft Silverlight 5.1. The cross-platform “Stream” system allowed to view 26 video feeds simultaneously, with each being able to be live. “Multivision Player” app was developed to manage interactive video feeds.


Development of experimental theatrical forms with viewer interactive technology and Full HD view streaming.